Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are made by combining natural latex with man-made chemicals. Because latex is porous, it does not hold helium as long as foil balloons. Latex is biodegradable and will naturally break down at about the same rate as an oak leaf.

11" Latex balloons are typically sold in 100, 50, and 25 count bags. 3' latex balloons are sold in a pack of two.


Latex balloons sized 9" and larger will float when inflated with helium. The rubber tilt valve on an inflator should be used when inflating latex balloons. Remember, the inflator does not have automatic shut-off capabilities for latex balloons unless a sizing device is attached to the inflator. Latex balloons should be inflated until they are oval but not in a pear or light-bulb shaped.

The helium capacity of latex balloons is as follows:

Double-Stuffed Latex Guides

Layer latex from the extensive range of balloon colors to create custom multi-dimensional shades!

Custom Colors - View PDF
Custom Pastel Colors - View PDF
Chrome Balloons™ - View PDF

Alternative Sealing Solutions

Latex balloons can be sealed by hand-tying or by using sealing discs or clips. Hand-tying is the most popular and preferred method, since it has the tightest seal and gives a finished look to the balloon. However, if there are a large number of latex balloons to inflate, using sealing discs or clips is a smart option.

Whether hand-tying or using sealing discs or clips, a ribbon or string can be attached at the same time the balloon is sealed. This saves time and ensures a secure attachment.

Latex Sealing Discs SD302

These plastic sealing discs are used with the disc tyer post on inflators. To use, place several sealing discs onto the disc tyer post. Then, after inflating a latex balloon, wrap the balloon neck around the post and pull tight. Next, pull one disc down and over the wrapped balloon neck. The balloon can now be slipped off the post.


SafeTite® II Sealing Discs 55002

This disc is especially convenient for sealing large latex balloons, such as the 18" wide-neck latex balloons that are used in balloon stuffing machines. A disc tyer post is not required to use the SafeTite® II Sealing Disc.


KLIP’N SEAL™ Plastic Balloon Clips MC399, MC400, +MC401

Plastic balloon clips are lightweight hinged clips with a groove in the middle for the balloon neck. KLIP’N SEAL™ Clips are sold loose in a bag and are also available in a larger size, MC403, for 30" or larger latex balloons.


Twist Klips™ QC202

Twist Klips™ are connected together in a chain for use in the Twist Klips™ Dispenser (product # QC101), which attaches to a helium cylinder.


Air-Filled Latex Balloons

Any size latex smaller than 9" should be air-filled. Small latex balloons cannot hold much helium and have a very short floating time. Any size latex can be filled with air.

Cups + Sticks

Cello-Cup® (CC101) for Latex Balloons

Cello-Cup® CC101 should be used with 11 in.–12 in. latex balloons. After air-inflating and tying a balloon, pull the knot through the hole in the Cello-Cup®. Attach cup to a hollow plastic stick. Fits balloon sticks: 24 in. PS24W, 16 in. PS16W, 12 in. PS12W, and 14.5 in. wooden stick 9726935.


MaxiCup™ (CC103) for Latex Balloons

MaxiCup™ should be used with 16 in. latex balloons. After air-inflating and tying a balloon, pull the knot through the hole in the MaxiCup™. Then slip the neck under the clip on the side. Attach cup to a hollow plastic stick. Fits balloon stick: 24 in. HPS24.


MaxiCup™ II (CC107) for Latex Balloons

MaxiCup™ II CC107 has an extra-large oval-shaped cup to support 16 in.–24 in. latex balloons. Fits balloon stick: HPS20C–specifically designed stem includes “Slot-N-Neck™” locking ribs to provide better, tighter fit.


Balloon Stuffing Latex

For balloon stuffing machines such as Gift in a Balloon®, 18" latex is recommended. The wider neck and larger size make it perfect for balloon stuffing machines. 18" latex is available in various upside-down print designs.

Entertainer Balloons

Entertainer balloons are long, thin latex balloons which are air-filled and then twisted to make animals and other shapes. 260 (2 in. x 60 in.) balloons are the most common size entertainer balloons. All sizes include: 160 (1 in. x 60 in.), 260 (2 in. x 60 in.), 321 (3 in. x 21 in.), 350 (3 in. x 50 in.), 360 (3 in. x 60 in.), and 646 (6 in. x 46 in.). They are usually air-filled by using a hand inflator, but can be inflated by mouth after much practice.