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Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Bulk Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals in Bulk from burton+BURTON

At burton+BURTON, we strive to be the go-to source for wholesale stuffed animals to satisfy all your retail, resale, prize, and gift-giving needs. From baby-soft teddy bears and soft jungle animals to fuzzy puppies and bunnies, we have an outstanding collection of all things plush, all in bulk. No matter the age, our plush toys make wonderful gifts, prizes, and party favors. Start your search for the perfect stuffed friend with our whole selection of stuffed animals in bulk.

Have a little one to please? Not to worry. From western stables to the deep blue sea, we have a critter that will melt anyone’s heart. Each cuter and fluffier than the last.

Wholesale Plush Toys For Events, Carnivals & Fairs

It doesn't take most people long to realize that their life is just better with a few cuddly plush toy friends by their side. Stuffed animals are most people's first best friend. Soft to the touch and comforting, plush animals have been calming us for decades. But picking the right friend isn’t always easy. Let us help!

Plush Teddy Bears, Bunnies, Dogs, Unicorns & More

We are proud to offer our wholesale stuffed animals at amazingly low costs. While the prices may seem too good to be true, the quality isn’t. We are committed to offering all of our customers plush toys wholesale that will withstand the test of time and the washing machine. In addition to the normal teddy bears, bunnies, & other plushes that you're used to, we also carry a wide range of other bulk plush products including dog plush toys and much more.

Wholesale Plush & Stuffed Toy Collections

At burton+BURTON we also provide a large range of popular collections in bulk. Wholesale prices on name-brand plush and stuffed toys? At burton+BURTON that's our mission. We provide a wide range of collections.

Every child needs and wants that plush stuffed animal they will remember even when they have grown up. For that reason, burton+BURTON has made animal toys one of our priorities. Just wait until you see that big smile on that special child's face when you give them their first plush teddy bear or stuffed toy animal. Best of all, you don't need a season, holiday, or special occasion to give a child a stuffed friend. Check out our everyday stuffed animal selection to make a special child very happy. Browse through our stock of cuddly friends and see just how easy it is to make everyone's dream come true with burton+BURTON.

F.A.Q.s Regarding Bulk Stuffed Animals

Do stuffed animals relieve stress?

Pretend play and sleeping with stuffed animals have been known to reduce stress and anxiety, especially in children. There have been countless studies conducted over the years to support this finding.

How do you clean stuffed animals?

The most convenient way to clean your wholesale stuffed animals is to simply run them through your washer. It is perfectly safe to do, however, in case there are any items stitched to your stuffed animal that may be sensitive to heat, we suggest air-drying only.

What stuffed animals are safe for babies?

You know babies, they want to put everything in their mouth. For that reason, the stuffed animals that are most safe for babies are ones that do not have any buttons or items loosely stitched on. Baby plush toys that contain these loosely stitched items can easily be bitten or chewed off which is a very dangerous choking hazard.

How do I organize stuffed animals in a bedroom?

If you simply want your child's stuffed animals off the floor and out of the way, we suggest buying a toy box or storage bin to store them in. That way they can all be stored in one location so your child can easily find them. If you're looking to organize them in a more fashionable way, use your child's bed as a staging surface with the largest animals in the front back and the smallest in the front. You definitely don't want the giraffe in front.

It is okay for adults to have stuffed animals?

There is nothing wrong with adults owning stuffed animals. For many, stuffed animals played an important part in their early childhood. For others, they simply want to hold onto them so they can give them to their children when the time is right. No matter your reason, it is perfectly okay.