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Gift Baskets & More

Shop Wholesale Gift Baskets, Supplies & Decorations

Gift baskets are a versatile and stylish vehicle for creating the perfect gift for any occasion. At burton+BURTON, we stock everything from willow baskets to decorative holiday-themed baskets at amazing wholesale prices.

Each basket carries a distinct style and can be adorned with any combination of our gifts and supplies. We also offer pre-made wholesale baskets for that picture-perfect gift when you’re short on time.

Shop burton+Burton's extensive selection of gift baskets and other decorative containers

Baskets for Gifts Wholesale For Retailers & Resellers

A new year means more opportunities for people to give the perfect gift. Creating a gift basket filled with plush animals and framed with a balloon or floral arrangement will make for the present that's the talk of the town and social media. People love thoughtful and useful gifts for parents-to-be, so things like baby gift baskets are forever in good taste.

Looking for a unique addition to your décor selection? Our wooden and wire baskets are much more than just another storage item. They can steal the show as exciting decorative centerpieces for dining or accent tables. Mix and match textures and materials and check out our wire baskets – a simple and easy design element that's also beautiful and inexpensive.

Wholesale Basket Styles

We at b+B want to provide our customers with a range of styles and options to choose from. Not everyone's taste is the same, and that can be said for a customer's taste in retailers. That's why our range of distinct styles provide an aesthetic match no matter the retail or decor environment. 

Bulk Holiday & Event Baskets 

We provide a range of bulk basket to meet any retail holiday needs. Whether you or your customers need a basket to store cookies or bakery items, b+B has a style that matches both the gift and the occasion. 

Get Creative With Your Selection

Visit our resources and design library for inspirational ideas that can take your creations to the next level.