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Standard Sized Latex Balloons

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One of an event organizer’s most important tool is the standard latex balloon. Used for balloon arches, bouquets, and drops, standard latex balloons are round balloons that come in a variety of colors and diameters. They often have messages printed on their surface for special occasions.

Latex Balloon Decor

Most often made by filling standard latex balloons with helium, balloon arches are a very common prop used by event party planners. Balloons are often attached to a wire framework and anchored at either end by weights. By mixing colors and shapes, balloon arches can be quite dynamic.

Usually mixed with small props or flowers, standard latex balloons can be air filled or helium filled and used to create fabulous balloon bouquets. It is common to see balloon bouquets with colorful ribbon used as table centerpieces.

A company function, convention or product presentation may be enhanced by the use of balloon sculptures. Often, standard latex balloons can be used to create a life-size character or to depict a logo or mascot. Add dynamic lighting and these can be quite impressive.

Will Standard Latex Balloons Last?

Latex is a natural substance that breathes through tiny, microscopic holes. That being the case, they typically last for a day or two once they’ve been inflated. However, standard latex balloons can be made to last longer. When treated with a product called “HI-FLOAT”, latex balloons can be made to last much longer. When ordering standard latex balloons, ask your burton + Burton sales representative to include HI-FLOAT in your order if you’d like your balloons to last much longer.

Standard Latex Balloons from b+B

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