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many different color balloons

The World's Largest Balloon and Coordinating Gift Supplier®

For us, this is where it all began with FLOWERS, INC BALLOONS®. Please take a moment to browse our entire selection of standard foil balloons by choosing a category below.


Wholesale Decorations and Balloons from burton+BURTON

Let your joy and celebration fill the air with an arrangement of burton+BURTON balloons! Balloon party supplies are the heart, soul, and start of our company and we have what it takes to take your balloon arrangements to the next level. Quality balloons always add a thoughtful, whimsical touch to any event. We believe that no matter the event, there is a balloon for it.

With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, you will never run out of inspiration.

Bulk Foil and Latex Balloons

Pair numbers and letters to write out a special message or a bouquet of foil balloons to complement your party's theme. Foil balloons are known for their durability as they are not porous and will last longer after being inflated. burton+BURTON's endless selection of foil balloons simply cannot be beaten. We have number balloons, letter balloons, orbz balloons, and much much more in our foil balloon inventory.

We also offer a wide selection of high-quality latex balloons. Our Qualatex balloons are filler-free, natural, and 100% biodegradable. Beyond single latex balloons, we also offer decorative balloon assortments. Check out our full selection of latex balloons today!

Air-Filled Helium Balloons, Supplies, and Balloon Accessories

In addition to professional balloons, burton+BURTON also offers helium tanks and specialized balloon supplies and accessories to give each one the most personal touch. To ensure that we can accommodate any need, we also offer pre-inflated and oversized balloons to perfectly accent your upcoming special event. Helium balloons in bulk are a great option for any occasion where the confetti usually flies, like weddings birthdays, and office parties. burton+BURTON has you covered for all of your upscale balloon decoration needs!

Holiday Balloons for Every Occasion

Our high-end balloons will save you money and make your next holiday, party, or other special occasion fun for everyone. With burton+BURTON, you will find a massive selection of balloons for any occasion. We're also continuously adding new balloons to our product list.

Show off your green side with our selection of St. Patrick's Day balloons. Create a lavish Valentine's Day Balloon assortment with heart balloons that truly says “I love you.” Get a head start on spicing up that Cinco de Mayo party with our fun and festive balloon shapes. From Father's and Mother's Day to high-school graduation, choose from hundreds of wholesale holiday balloons, and make your next special occasion truly memorable.

Balloon FAQs


What Types of Balloons Are Best for Outside Use?

If your balloon party decorations are going to be outside, we recommend you go with our foil balloons. Pointier objects that may be more frequently found outside such as sticks and twigs, tools, and toys tend to bounce harmlessly off foil balloons. Latex balloon decorations may be more susceptible to those pointier objects.

What Types of Balloons Can Be Filled With Helium?

All of our different types of balloon party supplies can be filled with helium! In fact, it is recommended for types such as air-walkers, and to maximize the time your balloons stay floating in the air and hold their shape.

What Type of Balloons Lasts The Longest?

Foil balloons and bubble balloons tend to have the best longevity. Depending on the quality of the balloon they can last months! The good news is quality foil and bubble balloons can be found right here at burton+BURTON.

What Are Balloons Made Of?

All of our balloons sold here at burton+BURTON are made of foil or latex. We also have Qualatex balloons which feature the finest in latex balloon technology.

What Kind of Balloons Are Best for a Balloon Arch?

Our experts here at burton+BURTON have found that latex balloons are best for balloon arches. Latex balloons tend to be a bit more malleable than foil balloons which makes them a better fit for arches.

Wholesale Balloon Supplier

Our vast selection of wholesale balloons strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Choose from our wide selection of countless colors, designs, themes, and materials for your business or event. Balloons and balloon bouquets make great party favors for any event. If you are looking to purchase balloons in bulk or need a cost-effective solution, burton+BURTON is one of the top balloon suppliers of wholesale balloons in the country.

Shop Bulk Balloon Deals

Shop balloons now and let burton+BURTON supply your dream event. Our online balloon store has numerous options for all types of balloons and supplies at nearly every scale you could need them for.

Don't forget to check out our clearance selection as well! We always want you to know where the deals are. Have any questions? Contact us today!