Balloon design station

Balloon Design Station

The Complete Starter Package for Retail Balloon Sales! 







Entire Program Includes:

  • Over 100 Top-selling Balloons in Standard, Shapes, Specialty Balloons (Bubble Balloon®, Cubez®, Orbz®), Airloonz®, and Numbers
  • 40-9" Air-filled balloons
  • 10-4" Air-filled balloons
  • 13-12" and 2-5" Assortments of Latex Balloons
  • 16- Storage Containers for Latex Balloons + Weights
  • Hand Air Inflator + Electric Air Inflator: Dual-Air® II
  • Helium Tank Regulator for Foil, Latex, and Specialty Balloons
  • HI-FLOAT®Solution + Transport Bags
  • Adhesives
  • Cups + Sticks for Air-filled Designs
  • Balloon Bases and Centerpieces for Air-filled Designs
  • Weights for Helium Bouquets
  • Tassel Garlands
  • Balloon Stands for Columns + Assortment Displays


  • Signage for Balloon Design Station
  • Consumer-friendly Booklet for Customer Selection
  • Progressive Instructional Catalog + Educational Videos with Step-by-Step Directions to Recreate Designs
  • Dedicated Balloon Sales Representatives to provide assistance during and after the implementation process in addition of periodic consultations to review program, share the latest designs, and communicate program enhancements. 


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