What is HI-FLOAT®?

HI-FLOAT® is a proprietary solution that is used to coat the inside of a latex balloon to seal the microscopic pores in the balloon to reduce helium leakage. A balloon that has been properly treated with HI-FLOAT® can last up to 25 times longer than a non-treated balloon.

ULTRA HI-FLOAT® is a non-toxic sealant that can be used inside latex balloons to increase the floating time. It dries crystal clear and forms a barrier to the helium inside the balloon. Only use ULTRA HI-FLOAT® with latex balloons.

 HI FLOAT Graphic1.png

 *Please remember that these are estimates based on typical indoor conditions and following all of the HI-FLOAT® instructions. Float time will be less if outdoors. Float time varies greatly due to factors such as latex quality, temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. Balloons typically last half as long in hot, humid weather. For maximum float time, hand-tie balloons. Float time estimates for ULTRA HI-FLOAT® are from the manufacturer. 

Treating balloons with ULTRA HI-FLOAT®

  1. Choose the correct size restriction clip from the pump set. This will allow the correct amount of ULTRA HI-FLOAT®to be used for each balloon.
  2. Place the nozzle of the pump inside the balloon as deeply as possible and pump down only once.
  3. Gently twist the neck of the balloon side to side while pulling the balloon off the nozzle.
  4. Hold the neck of balloon closed and rub balloon around with fingers to completely coat the inside of the balloon. To prevent making a mess, keep the solution out of the neck of the balloon.
  5. Inflate the balloon. HI-FLOAT®is invisible when dry. Wear safety glasses when inflating balloons treated with ULTRA HI-FLOAT®.

Helpful Hint

  • Decrease the amount of the solution when treating pearlized or metallic latex balloons. These balloons are heavier due to composition and will float better if slightly less of the solution is used.
  • ULTRA HI-FLOAT®should not be used inside SuperAgate® latex balloon.
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