Gift in a Balloon

The Classy Wrap® is a fully automatic balloon stuffing machine. It stretches and inflates a latex balloon allowing insertion of gift items and decorative materials through its large six-inch opening. This opening will accommodate several sizes of latex, but some of the best results can be achieved by using 18" sized latex, which has a wider neck than 16" latex. Upside-down print messages and designs are available in the 18" size.


The sturdy heavy plastic construction of Classy Wrap® makes it very durable and long lasting. A finger-touch power switch controls the 120V industrial motor.

The top lifts up to allow loading of 16" to 40" latex on the fast, automatic loader. The Classy Wrap® system has wheels at the base, which make it easy to transport.

Latex is biodegradable and after a short time an inflated balloon may begin to oxidize or look cloudy. A product such as Balloon Shine™ can be used to reduce the effects of oxidation and keep the inflated balloon looking new. Just spray it on a soft cloth and gently wipe the exterior of the inflated balloon.

Classy Wrap® Gift in a Balloon® Bags (product # 6402) are guaranteed to stop oxidation of inflated balloons for fifteen days.


The Balloon Tree 86429 is an excellent way to display stuffed balloon creations. It will hold nine balloons.