Clik Clik System

The Clik-Clik™ system uses strong neodymium magnets along with extension poles as opposed to hooks and ladders. This technology allows drapery, signage, and other displays to be hung quickly and easily. With feet on the floor, the risk of falling is eliminated. By using the convenient patented LoopLine, prep time is a cinch (cut to length and loop to item to be hung). Ceiling suspension is now as easy as 1. 2. 3! 


MagPole (5 ft. 3 in. long with 18 ft. extension) and Monster MagPole (6 ft. 8 in. long with 23 ft. extension) allow easy rigging and keeps your feet safely on the floor.


Ceiling Magnets

Mini ClikMagnets 

93503 supports up to 3 lb.  

Clik Magnets

  • 94299 (white) and 94300 (black) supports up to 5 lb.

Super Clik Magnets

  • 95277 (white) and 95288 (black) supports up to 10 lb.


When preparing for a project in which hanging something is necessary, always be sure to test the strength of the metal to ensure the magnet will safely support the weight.

Ceiling Suspension Tools

Single MagMover (94290) and Dual MagMover (10402) have coiled posts that allow for easy transfer. Single MagMover is best used when a single attachment point is required. The Dual MagMover is best for items requiring two attachment points that need to be the same height.


Rigging Line

LoopLine (70126) is clear polypropylene 25 lb Test and 328 ft. Spool of 2 in. repeating loops forming a line that never requires knotting. Count the loops on each line to ensure signs and décor hang level. Reusable.


Balloon Tape

Stretchy® Balloon Tape

94297 – One-sided. 25 ft.

94298 – Two-sided. 90 ft.

The tape can be cut with scissors. It can be rolled to hold two foils and two pieces applied to both sides of two foils. Once placed, it cannot be repositioned. For good adhesion, rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip® can be used to gently remove the ink from a foil balloon leaving the silver. Some balloons adhere without alcohol.


Adhesive Strips

94291 Hang Tabs. 6 in. Wide. 60# tensile strength.

The adhesive strips maintain bond in warm or humid environments.


How to use the Clik-Clik™ System:

  1. With the base of the MagPoleon the floor, load the ClikMagnet onto the MagMover.
  2. Keeping the base of the MagPoleon the floor, extend the sections of the MagPole to the desired height.
  3. Lift the MagPoleand attach the ClikMagnet to metal on the ceiling.
  4. Rest the base of the MagPoleto the floor.
  5. Close the opened sections of the MagPole.