Balloon Basics FAQs

F.A.Q.s for Balloon Professionals

What are the basics needed to start a balloon business?

Congratulations on your decision to enter into the exciting world of balloons! Balloons add joy to any store and are a profitable addition to your business. Whether you plan to sell balloons at a retail location, or will pursue work as a balloon decorator, you will need some basic equipment, including an inflator, a helium regulator, ribbon, weights, and obviously...BALLOONS!

Why are balloon weights so critical?

Balloon weights should be a critical component of any balloon that leaves your shop. Properly weighted helium balloons prevent accidental releases. In the case of foil balloons, ensuring against accidental release can help prevent costly and troublesome power outages that may result from foil balloons tangling in power lines. Weights are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. The most important concern is making sure that you choose the proper size weight for the balloon(s) you are trying to secure. (See chart for recommended weights). If a cluster of balloons is sold, each individual balloon should have a weight. Balloon weights can be purchased or made from any item heavy enough to weigh down a balloon–baskets, mugs, and gift totes make excellent weights. 

If I'm just starting out, what combination of messages, themes / holiday balloons should I carry?

Great question! While it is somewhat dependent on the demographics of your area, some items are consistently good sellers. Always have Happy Birthday on hand as this will be your most requested balloon. We recommend a General Message Assortment (product # 10279) that has It's a Boy/Girl, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Good Luck, I Love You, and other popular messages. Also remember important balloon holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day. Order early to make sure you have balloons on hand when the rush hits.

What is the best way to display balloons?

Balloons have to be seen to be sold! Have balloons out and inflated and ready for purchase. Foil balloons when inflated with helium will last for weeks, and can be topped-off with more helium if they start to sag. A balloon that is inflated and has a ribbon attached makes a great impulse item or add-on sale. We offer various display stands and corrals to help you merchandise your balloons. Call and speak with one of our customer care representatives to help find the solution that best meets your needs.

What are Glue Dots?

As one industry professional was heard to say at one of our seminars, “Glue Dots changed my life!” Glue Dots (product # 30006) are wonderful little pressure sensitive dots of adhesive that can be used in floral design, gift basket design, or numerous other applications. Additionally, we offer floral specific spray adhesives and glues that give your designs a professional look.

What is a Bubble Balloon®?

These exciting see-through, plastic balloons offer increased float time and a minimum amount of labor. Be sure to display your inflated stock where customers can admire them at 360°. Inflate the Bubbles™ until the seams disappear for full impact. They are virtually pop-resistant, non-allergenic, and will not oxidize! 

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