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Floral + Gift Basics Guide


Our time-tested method for hand-tied bows is simple and gives your designs a professional, high quality finish.


  1. Make a small loop and leave a tail.
  2. With double face ribbon, twist so that the correct side is up.
  3. Make another loop that is slightly larger than the first.
  4. Squeeze ribbon together to create a small center.
  5. Make loops a little larger each time and try not to line up the ribbon.
  6. Repeat until you have 8 loops on each side, this will make about a 4 yard bow.
  7. After loops are created, take floral wire and lay over top, securing with thumb. (21–22 gauge floral wire works the best.)
  8. Bring both ends of wire to the back of the bow and twist lightly.
  9. Place in other hand and fluff the bow.
  10. Turn upside down and twist the bow, not the wire.
  11. Turn upright and bow is complete. 

Note: For a round bow, make loops the same size each time.

  Floral Containers

The only limitation when it comes to floral containers is your imagination. Obviously, there are numerous vases, planters, and pot covers made of wood, tin, glass, plastic, and the very popular melamine. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these all do a wonderful job. However, with the help of liners, you can make almost anything work. Baskets, teapots, soup bowls, and even hats can be creative alternatives. Don't be afraid to stretch your creative wings and see what unique arrangements you can create.


  Gift Baskets

The gift basket industry continues to grow as gift baskets are recognized as a viable alternative to more traditional gifts. Both individuals and corporations alike recognize their ability to personalize gift baskets to their specific needs. Much of the industry growth comes from non-traditional businesses as well. Gift basket businesses tend to work very well for home-based businesses as well as brick and mortar storefronts.


Being able to provide new and exciting designs is critical in order to compete. At burton + BURTON®, we provide you an avenue to a wide variety of containers, fillers, fasteners, and wraps to assist you. Browse our site to see what is available to help you succeed in the ever-growing gift basket industry.


When it comes to containers for gift baskets, burton + BURTON® is here to help you expand your horizons. Obviously, you can't go wrong with a basket. Just don't be afraid to stray from the typical handled basket. Odd shapes, platters and creels make great starting points as well. And of course, seasonal baskets such as bright colored Easter baskets and red & green Christmas baskets are available for specific needs.


Besides baskets, burton + BURTON® has custom designed containers in all shapes, sizes, and materials. We have planters and pot covers in tin, ceramic, wood, polyresin, and the very popular, melamine. Many of our containers are designed to coordinate with collections that contain coordinating balloons, picks, ceramics and gift products. While our melamine pot covers and tin planters are designed to fit standard 4" and 6" greenhouse shipping pots, they still make wonderful containers for use as gift basket and storage containers. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, you will find something that will suit any situation.


Finally, don't limit yourself by what is considered a gift basket container. A baseball cap, a trash can, or a lamp shade could all be the beginning of a great new design. Look around your shop and let your imagination wander. You may be surprised where you end up.

Click Here For The Gift Basket Measuring 101 Guide 


  Packing Materials + Shred

When using shred as the base of a basket, there is no need to completely fill the container. Instead, use packing peanuts or newsprint paper. (Choose clean newsprint that has not been printed. You can often get this surplus from your local newspaper. Clean newsprint is, well, cleaner . . . and it looks more professional.) If you use packing peanuts, line the container with economy tissue and encase the peanuts in the tissue. This will prevent the packing peanuts from rising up thru the shred during shipping. Now that most of the void has been filled, top off with your choice of colored shred. This will save you money on wasted shred!

 Helpful Hint

Be sure to P-U-L-L the shred to "fluff it up" before putting into a basket. The shred is packaged very tightly to take up as little space as possible on your shelf and to save money in shipping. You can greatly increase the yield of a bag of shred by loosening it up before use.


What are the best-selling price points?

A good starting range for everyday gift baskets is $40 to $50. If you are using good products, it is almost impossible to have a quality product retail for less than $40.

 What are the top selling themes for gift baskets?

The most popular basket at the holidays and actually year around is Thank You/Appreciation basket for an office. These are an easy way to thank a lot of people for a small amount of money. We recommend the following guidelines:


$40 . . . serves 4 to 6 people

$60 . . . serves 8 to 12 people

$75 . . . serves a crew


How should I price my baskets?

Ultimately you are in business to MAKE MONEY. In order to properly price your baskets, know EXACTLY how much money you have invested. Account for every piece of ribbon, shred, and tape in your design. Remember to include costs like shipping charges on the products you order. One of our successful gift basket customers recommends the following formula: wholesale basket total divided by .45 = retail price. (This allows for a margin including shipping and handling.) For example, a gift basket that costs you $25 in materials, should retail for around $55.00.


Quite possibly the best way to add perceived value to a gift basket is with ribbon. Do not stop with just a simple bow up top. Dress it up with ribbons of all shapes and sizes. We have ribbon ranging from 3/16" up to 4" in width with lots of sizes in between. We have sheer, satin, wired, unwired, organza, grosgrain, raffia, corsage, metallic, holographic, crimped, uncrimped, solid, printed... the list goes on and on. And, of course, they are available in a rainbow of colors, plus some.


Let your creativity take the lead and experiment with ribbon embellishments using several different types, colors, and styles. They are sure to add an expensive looking touch of glamour to your designs, economically.



  Shrink Wrap

Wrapping can be the piece that makes or breaks your basket design. A great looking basket can be made less attractive with an improper wrapping job. We offer rolls of polypropylene, shrink-wrap, and bags. All of these can be used to create the beautiful finishing touch on a basket. Which type you choose will depend on personal preference. For more details in helping choose, contact our customer representatives. Whatever method you choose, be sure to plan ahead before you wrap, so that you can get the coverage you need without excess waste.

Helpful Hint

Do not point the heat gun in the same area for an extended period. It will melt the wrap and cause a hole to form.

Handle With Care

Keep hands away from the front of the gun as you turn the basket. The heat gun uses extreme heat and could cause serious burns.



Florists often place flowers or objects into an arrangement where the use of wire or tape would not be aesthetically pleasing. The solution is floral adhesive. Floral adhesive is a fast-drying and waterproof liquid adhesive formulated for use with fresh flowers. It bonds quickly, safely, and easily, and provides a time-saving alternative to wiring and taping. The special formulation will not brown fresh flower petals. Ideal for corsages, wristlets, boutonnieres, and other specialty floral applications.

Additionally, we offer Glue Dots. Glue Dots are a double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive that instantly to virtually any surface. They are perfect for attaching embellishments onto containers or gift baskets. Unlike some liquid glues, Glue Dots require no drying time and are non-toxic and odorless. To apply Glue Dots from a roll, press an item to be adhered against the adhesive and peel away. Press the item into place.