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Why use Floralife?

While a flower is attached to the plant, it receives nourishment allowing it to grow and develop. When cut from the plant, it loses its source of nourishment and water. Fresh Flower Food was developed to simulate the flower's original environment, and allow the flower to fully develop (open).

The key functions of a fresh flower food are:
• Provides food in the form of sugars to keep the flowers alive. Just like ourselves, flowers use carbohydrates as an energy source.
• Helps lower the pH, which keeps the water/food conducting system in flowers working at maximum efficiency.
• Stem unpluggers

Homemade versions such as copper pennies in the water, aspirin, soda, etc., do not contain all of the necessary ingredients vital to sustaining flower life. For the most part, they are ineffective and end up costing you more than fresh flower food.

Flower Care

1. Begin with a clean vase. If possible, do not use water from a softener for the flowers. The sodium (salt) content may decrease the life of some flowers.

2. Always add Floralife Fresh Flower Food to the water, following packet or label directions. Floralife Fresh Flower Food hydrates and nourishes flowers for the maximum enjoyment of the customer.

3. Remove all of the foliage from below the water line. This prevents the foliage from decaying and keeps the water cleaner and the stems free flowing.

4. Give all flowers a fresh cut before placing them into flower food solution. It helps ensure hydration.

5. Flowers will live longer if not placed in direct sunlight, in a draft or on a television set.

6. Replenish the vase/container with a Floralife Fresh Flower Food solution as needed, due to water uptake and evaporation.

To Revive a wilted Rose

If a rose wilts and becomes limp, remove it from the vase/arrangement. Recut the stem under water (cut off the bottom inch of the stem). Place the flower into a warm water/flower food solution for one hour or until the flower becomes firm. When it becomes firm, you can return it to the vase/arrangement.

Flower Care Do's and Don'ts

Don't leave flowers out of water for extended periods. Be sure to get them home and into water as soon as possible!

Don't put flowers in a warm setting (i.e., sunny spot or on a television). Warm water signals flowers to hurry up and open, thus shortening your enjoyment.

Do Follow the directions on the flower food package - mixing incorrectly is as bad or worse than not using any flower food at all.


Q: Why should I use Floralife Fresh Flower Food?
Fresh flower food provides the nutrition cut flowers need after being cut from the plant.

Q: What are the main ingredients in Floralife Fresh Flower Food?
Floralife Fresh Flower Food contains three main ingredients: a sugar (for nutrition), an acidifier (to lower the pH of the water) and a class of compounds called stem unpluggers.

Q: Can Floralife Fresh Flower Food be used on potted plants?
While it should not harm potted plants, it is not recommended for use on them. Floralife Fresh Flower Food is formulated for use on cut flowers and will not provide a benefit to potted plants.

Q: How do I use the packet?
The 5g packet should be dissolved in 1 pint (2 cups) of water; the 10g packet should be dissolved in 1 quart (4 cups) of water. This solution should then be added to the vase or arrangement.

Q: How often should I change the solution in the vase?
The solution should be added to the existing vase water as the level recedes. Normally, it is not necessary to change the water. If the flowers begin to wilt, try recutting them and placing them in a freshly prepared flower food solution.

Q: Is Floralife Fresh Flower Food toxic?
Floralife Fresh Flower Food has been certified non-toxic, but is not intended for ingestion by humans and/or animals. Follow all label directions and keep out of reach of children.

Q: When I use the Original Floralife or Professional, a milky 'residue' results regardless of how long the solution is mixed. Is this a problem?
No. Original Floralife and Professional are aluminum sulfate based flower foods. One characteristic of this type of chemistry is a milky residue called a flocculent. This flocculent is beneficial to cut flowers. If a clear solution is desired, try Floralife Crystal Clear.

Q: Can flower food be used in metal containers?
The acid in flower food will react with metal (including lead in crystal). We do not recommend the use of flower food in crystal or metal vases.