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What are the best selling price points? A good starting range for everyday gift baskets is $40 to $50. If you are using good products, it is almost impossible to have a quality product retail for less than $40.

What are the top selling themes for gift baskets?
The most popular basket at the holidays and actually year around is Thank You baskets for an office. These are an easy way to thank a lot of people for a small amount of money. We recommend the following guideline.

$40 . . . serves 4 to 6 people
$60 . . . serves 8 to 12 people
$75 . . . serves a crew

How should I price my baskets? Ultimately you are in business to MAKE MONEY. In order to properly price your baskets, you need to know EXACTLY how much money you have invested. You need to account for every piece of ribbon, shred, and tape that is in your design. Remember to include costs like shipping charges on the products you order. One of our successful gift basket customers recommends the following formula: wholesale basket total divided by .45 = retail cost. (This allows for a margin including shipping and handling.) For example, a gift basket that costs you $25 in materials, should retail for around $55.00.