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How to create Bows

Hand-tied Bow

Our time-tested method for hand tied bows is simple, and gives your designs a professional, high quality finish.


1 Make a small loop and leave a tail
2 With 2-faced ribbon, twist so that the correct side is up.
3 Make another loop that is slightly larger than the first.
4 Squeeze ribbon together to create a small center.
5 Make loops a little larger each time and try not to line up the ribbon.
6 Repeat until you have 8 loops on each side, this will make about a 4-yd bow.
7 After loops are created, take floral wire and lay over top, securing with thumb. (21-22 gauge floral wire works the best.)
8 Bring both ends of wire to the back of the bow and twist lightly.
9 Place in other hand and fluff the bow.
10 Turn upside down and twist the bow, not the wire.
11 Turn upright and bow is complete.