Packing Materials + Shred
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Packing Materials + Shred

Packing Material + Shred

Basket + ShredWhen using shred as the base of a basket, there is no need to completely fill the container with shred. Instead, use packing peanuts or newsprint paper. (Choose clean newsprint that has not been printed. You can often get this surplus from your local newspaper. Clean newsprint is, well, cleaner . . . and it looks more professional.) If you use packing peanuts, line the container with economy tissue and encase the peanuts in the tissue. This will prevent the packing peanuts from rising up thru the shred during shipping. Now that most of the void has been filled, top off with your choice of colored shred. This will save you money on wasted shred!

Helpful HintBe sure to P-U-L-L the shred to "fluff it up" before putting into a basket. The shred is packaged very tightly to take up as little space as possible on your shelf and to save money in shipping. You can greatly increase the yield of a bag of shred by loosening it up before use.