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Building Blocks

See below for Building Blocks, or fundamental skills, to help you expand your business.

BowHand-tied Bows

1. Make a small loop and leave a tail.
2. With 2-faced ribbon, twist so that the correct side is up.
3. Make another loop that is slightly larger than the first.
4. Squeeze ribbon together to create a small center.
5. Make loops a little larger each time and try not to line up the ribbon.
6. Repeat until you have 8 loops on each side, this will make about a 4-yd bow.
7. After loops are created, take floral wire and lay over top, securing with thumb. (21-22 gauge floral wire works the best.)
8. Bring both ends of wire to the back of the bow and twist lightly.
9. Place in other hand and fluff the bow.
10. Turn upside down and twist the bow, not the wire.
11. Turn upright and bow is complete.

Note: For a round bow, make loops the same size each time.