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Support for Rwanda Women

Support for Rwandan Women

Schools and Food for Rwanda Children

Schools & Food for Rwandan Children

Children playing with balloons

Weaving Hope in Rwanda

Handmade African Baskets

Together, we are Weaving Hope one basket at a time.

burton+Burton is partnering with Beacon Technologies to weave hope for children in Rwanda. Only about 13% of Rwandan children attend preschool and 50% have stunted growth due to malnutrition.

100% of the proceeds from these baskets goes directly to building schools and feeding programs that will nourish the minds and bodies of these children, dramatically improving their lives.

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Our Team at Bumbogo Preschool

Maxine with Rene Kirwa (Bumbogo)

Bumbogo Preschool (prototype school)

Bumbogo Preschool students

Bumbogo Singers!

Maxine saying goodbye to the children (Bumbogo)

Maxine, John Craig and Rene (Nkuzuzu School)

Michael and Tracy Dirks (Nkuzuzu School)

Maxine observing Nkuzuzu classroom

Nkuzuzu children enjoying balloons!

Boys playing with balloons outside school (Nkuzuzu)

Teacher helping inflate balloons (Nkuzuzu)

Children going home after school (Nkuzuzu)

Hello from Kibagabaga Preschool!

Too cute! (Kibagabaga)

More cuteness in Kibagabaga!

Basket weaver in Gitarama

Beautiful colors and assortment of baskets!

Matriarch of the basket weavers in Gitarama

One of the many women weaving our baskets!