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An inflator is a valve attached to a helium cylinder to dispense helium into balloons. There are several types available, each with different features and benefits.

Proper inflation techniques using inflators are discussed later in this guide.

We strongly suggest using an inflator, which has an automatic shut-off for foil balloons. The Deluxe Two-way Inflator RPB62HG features a brass push valve for foil balloons which automatically shuts off when the balloon is properly filled. This is an especially beneficial feature as there are no balloons lost due to over inflation.

For latex balloons, there is a black, rubber tilt valve. However, this valve DOES NOT automatically shut off for latex balloons. Please see the latex section of this guide for proper inflation techniques. The tilt valve should NOT be used to inflate foil balloons, as it could damage the self-sealing valve.

Other features of the RPB62HG are a gauge which indicates the amount of helium in the cylinder, a ribbon cutter, and a disc tyer post, which is used with sealing discs for latex.


101GS is a basic rubber tilt valve inflator, which does not provide an automatic shut-off. The tilt valve is designed to inflate latex balloons. To inflate foil balloons with this inflator, the brass foil tip that is included with the regulator must be placed in the black rubber tilt valve. Both inflators are ideal for rentals and feature hand tight connections, ribbon cutters, and disc tyer posts. 101GS also includes a gauge.

Additional accessories are available which are used in conjunction with an inflator and offer even more conveniences.

The portable helium transfiller TR1 is used to transfer helium from a large cylinder to small cylinders. Renting small helium cylinders and regulators to your customers is another way to expand your business.

Helpful Hint
Never use a black rubber tilt valve to inflate foil balloons without a brass foil tip. The tilt valve can damage the self-sealing valve of foil balloons and cause a slow leak.

Portable Helium Transfiller