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Wedding Décor

Wedding Canopy Wedding Balloon & Tulle Canopy

Materials Needed:
5" Pearl White Latex
5" Diamond Clear Latex
5" Pearl Azure Latex
5" Pearl Sapphire Blue Latex
11" Pearl White Latex
11" Pearl Azure Latex
11" Pearl Sapphire Blue Latex
White Bulk Tulle
Ivy Vines (product# 93893)
Monofilament Line #50
Column structure (made from PVC pipe and board-may be obtained from your local hardware store)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Make four 4-cluster columns using 5" pearl white latex. Each column at the top and bottom has a 4-cluster made from 11" pearl white latex.
  2. Tie at the base of each column a loose garland made from 5" and 11" latex with ivy intertwined in.
  3. Drape the tulle from the ceiling to the top of each of the 4 columns the desired length depending on the height of your ceiling & columns.
  4. On top of each column using all the colors of latex drape loose garlands from each column and intertwine ivy in the garland.
  5. At the point where tulle is attached to the ceiling drape more loose garlands of all latex colors for a flowing effect.

Bride & Groom Balloon Décor
Materials Needed:
2 - 11" Pearl White Latex
12 - 5" Onyx Black Latex bride and groom
41 - 5" Pearl White Latex
2 - Black 260Q Balloons (2" x 60")
2 - Pearl White 260Q Balloons (2" x 60")
1 - Black Top Hat
1 - Black Bow Tie
1 - Floral Bouquet
White Tulle for Veil
Monofilament Line #50
Cool Glue Gun

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Make two 4-cluster columns using 5" pearl white latex for the bride and 5" onyx black latex for the base of the groom and 5" pearl white latex for the upper body.
  2. Top each column with an 11" pearl white latex balloon.
  3. Inflate the 4 260Q balloons and attach them to the columns for the Bride and Grooms arms.
  4. Top the Groom off with the top hat and bow tie. These can be attached with a cool glue gun.
  5. Attach the Brides veil and floral bouquet.