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The Perfect Autumn Gift: Spooky Plant Upgrades For Halloween

The Perfect Autumn Gift

As the days get shorter and the weather cools, the desire for warm gatherings and time with treasured friends increases. Be ready to impress with a thoughtful and long-lasting gift for the honored party host. Live plants continue to be a top-trend in home décor and adding a special seasonal presentation adds perceived value to an already thoughtful gift.

It has been proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity up to 15%, reduce stress levels, and boost one’s overall mood, making it the perfect present for a special co-worker or a teacher entering the new school year. What better gift to give than the gift of long-lasting cheer through the Autumn season.

In this design we have enhanced a simple trio of house plants by accessorizing with a Halloween themed wooden planter, air-filled and heat-sealed balloons, and coordinating ribbon. These easy-to-add accents elevate the overall look and catch the eye while also increasing the value of the gift.

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  1. Start by creating a moisture barrier inside the wooden container. Here we have used a festive Halloween planter and cut a piece of clear cellophane to fit snuggly inside to prevent any water leakage. 
  2. Remove the live plants from their pots and break-up the root structure slightly to fit inside the lined planter. Fill in any gaps with extra potting soil.                                                                                 Step2.jpg                                                                                            
  3. To disguise any gaps or exposed cellophane, fill in with pieces of sheet moss by gently tucking into nooks and crannies. If moss is too dry to work with, spray with water to increase manageability.                   
  4. Once the live plants have been securely inserted into the planter and mechanics have been disguised, it’s time to add some fun seasonal adornments. Start with several 9-inch air-filled, heat-sealed balloons. These balloons can be purchased preassembled which saves time and resources. Also, consider the colors, shapes, and textures of the planter and plant material when selecting the balloons. This will help create rhythm and a sense of cohesiveness in the design. In this instance, purple and black tones from the potato vine and orange accents from our pumpkin planter create an overall spooky feel perfect for the Halloween season.
  5. It’s important to hide as many mechanics as possible to create a look that’s polished and professional. By wrapping each balloon stick with green floral tape, the illusion is created of the balloon floating above the arrangement. Once the balloon stick has been completely wrapped, use a pair of shears to cut the end at an angle for easy insertion into the soil. Repeat this step for several coordinating balloons and insert into planter at staggering heights to create movement through the design.                                                                                                    
  6. Cut 2.5 yards of your choice of wired ribbon to complement the balloons and plant material. Fold the ribbon until a standard bow is formed and secure with a piece of floral tape wrapped wire. For step by step instructions on how to make a bow watch this video. Roll the ends of the ribbon to create a finished look.
  7. Once the bow has been created, secure it to a wooden wire pick and insert it in the soil alongside the plant to complete the look.                                           

We want to see your creations! Post a picture of your upgraded seasonal planter on Instagram and tag us @burtonplusburton for a chance to be featured.