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How To: Organic Balloon Table Runner

Organic Balloon Table Runner

You’ve seen them all over social media–balloons are synonymous with fun, and an organic balloon garland oozes playfulness and color. These garlands make a party simply by bringing together colors and themes throughout the space. With an endless array of hues at your fingertips, there is a garland for every occasion.

In this simple table runner design, we’ve incorporated fun pops of color with fragrant eucalyptus and delicate baby’s breath to elevate the look. The organic technique, combined with accents of natural materials, grounds the composition. Double-stuffed latex balloons help to further tailor the design and add an element of luxury. Easily adapted for different party themes and event palettes, this balloon décor can effortlessly transition from whimsical and playful to chic and sophisticated. In a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating impactful balloon décor for your next big event!



Step 1:

Double-stuff the following latex balloons to achieve custom colors: 5" Spring Green inside 5" Pearl White, 5" Mocha Brown inside 5" Pearl Mint Green, and 7" Chrome Silver inside 5" Pearl Mint Green. To double-stuff, slide the first balloon onto a stick, and then slide the second balloon over it. To learn more about double-stuffing balloons, watch this video.


Step 2:

Air-inflate balloons, two at a time, to various sizes. Choose two contrasting colors to inflate simultaneously. Here we have used the Premium Twin-Air Sizer II.


Step 3:

Once two balloons are inflated, press them on a table to give them a round shape.


Step 4:

Stretch the necks of the two balloons across one another and tightly tie them together.


Step 5:

Hold the two balloons close to one another so there is little or no space between them when they’re tied.


Step 6:

Tie a length of monofilament to the knotted necks of the first balloon duplet.


Step 7:

After inflating and tying two more balloons together, combine the two duplets by pushing the knotted necks together and twisting two times to form a quad.


Step 8:

Continue creating and combining duplets to form quads while wrapping the monofilament through the center of the balloons to secure.


Step 9:

Repeat the preceding steps until desired shape, size, and length are achieved.


Step 10:

Insert stems of white flowers and greenery among the balloons. Place rose and baby’s breath stems into water tubes for maximum freshness and longevity.


Step 11:

If even more impact is desired, float several helium-filled 24" Deco Bubble balloons above the table runner and throughout the event space. We love the look of these elegant greenery-printed Deco Bubbles. Live greenery can be added to the inside of the balloon and onto its tail to continue the fresh and organic feel of the design. Learn how to create a live greenery balloon here.


We can’t wait to see the magic that you create using burton + BURTON’s wide range of balloons and accessories. Make sure to tag us on Instagram @burtonplusburton and @burtonplusburtonliving for a chance to be featured!