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How To: Air-Filled Balloon Wand

Balloon Wand

Creating the perfect gift for a special someone on Valentine’s Day is easier than ever with burton + BURTON’s wide array of balloons and coordinating gifts. Balloons continue to be an all-time favorite and are sure to make a statement when combined with a sweet sentiment. In this design, we have used trends such as iridescent accents and sweet pastel pinks and lavenders to keep the look fresh and playful.

No Helium? No Problem!® This balloon wand is completely helium free! Adjusting the design to accommodate a smaller 9" balloon allows for an even longer-lasting creation. With a petite air-filled and heat-sealed balloon as the focal point, this wand will last for months when kept in a temperature-controlled environment, making it the perfect way to express love everlasting. Air-filled balloon wands can be prepared well in advance and displayed in-store to attract attention. Easy, grab-and-go gifts are an important must-have for Valentine’s sales as last-minute shoppers descend upon store shelves February 13 and 14.

This concept goes far beyond the Valentine’s season. The balloons and ribbons used can be swapped out for different seasonal themes throughout the year. Dazzle a special ballerina at an upcoming dance recital or congratulate a hardworking high school graduate with a balloon wand customized for the occasion. School stores will love this idea for upcoming booster club fundraisers when paired with custom imprinted ribbons and special mascot balloons. The balloons’ long shelf life make them a cost-effective product offering that will surely be the talk of the school lunchroom.

To create this clever “fairy wand” balloon design, you will need the following products:

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Step 1:

Using the foil inflation tip for the Premium Balloon Accessories FoilPro Inflator, air-fill the “Happy Valentine’s Day” foil balloon or the balloon of your choice.

Step 2:

Slip the tail of the balloon through the large hole in a balloon cup. Wrap clockwise to the first hook for short tails or the second hook for longer tails. Insert the remaining end of the tail into the vertical slit.

*If using a smaller 9" balloon, you must heat-seal it before starting this step. To learn how to heat-seal a balloon, watch this video.

Step 3:

Insert a balloon stick into the tube on the cup.

Step 4:

Cut a desired length of each of two different-colored ribbons, adding dovetail or chevron cuts at both ends of each piece for a manicured look. To learn how to dovetail ribbon, watch this video.

Step 5:

Slide the center portion of one length of ribbon against the underside of the cup to secure it to the design.

Step 6:

Repeat Step 5 with the second length of ribbon to create four ribbon streamers of varying lengths.

Step 7:

Melt glue pillows in a glue skillet on medium, until glue is a thick consistency.

Step 8:

Cut four 18" x 30" iridescent cellophane sheets into fourths, creating 16–9" x 15" sheets.

Step 9:

Gather each cello sheet, one at a time, in the center, and dip into the glue skillet.

Step 10:

Glue the cello sheets onto the outside of the balloon cup until exterior of the cup is covered and you have created a fluffy collar around the base of the foil balloon.

We want to see your creations! Post a picture of your air-filled balloon wand on Instagram and tag us @burtonplusburton for a chance to be featured!