Celebrating International Balloon Month 2020

person holding balloons and floating

September is a very special time for burton + BURTON® and the entire balloon community as we observe International Balloon Month. This exciting celebration aims to highlight and promote the joy of balloons and their contribution to the party industry. In addition to promoting how fun and inspiring balloons are, special emphasis is placed on balloon safety practices.We challenge you to review Faraday’s Five Smart Tips for Balloon Use and take the “Be Balloon Smart” pledge:

  1. Always secure helium-filled balloons with a weight.
  2. Never release balloons into the air.
  3. Children with balloons should always be monitored.
  4. Properly discard balloons.
  5. Never inhale helium.

 You can find more information about balloon smart practices and sign the pledge at www.balloonsliftup.com. Remember, “Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy!” #BeBalloonSmart


This year has brought many twists and turns with much of the world sheltering in place and unfortunately canceling many special celebrations and milestone events. Balloons have helped keep the party going, offering recipients bright colors and plenty of smiles. Many balloon artists have stretched their creativity and offered unique balloon yard art and over-the-top installations for drive-by celebrations. As a community, balloon artists have helped spread joy during a difficult time.

This month, we want to shine a spotlight on our local heroes. Show us how you have spread joy with balloons this year and honored first responders by using the hashtag #LiftUpSomebody.

The Balloon Council will once again be sponsoring a photo contest in celebration of International Balloon Month. To learn more about how you can win an exciting prize pack, click here.

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