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Balloon Inflator Guide

Finding the perfect inflator for your business can seem like an overwhelming feat with so many options on the market now. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first piece of equipment for a new business or adding a new and exciting toy to your ever-growing arsenal, burton + BURTON® has the perfect inflator to help you elevate your profits.

With each project comes a specific equipment need and many different factors should be considered when making an investment in your business. From filling a room full of dazzling, uniformly sized Chrome™ bouquets to draping a ceiling full of candy-colored organic garlands, there is a perfect tool for the job.

We’ve laid out the benefits of each balloon inflator from our line of equipment so you can discover the perfect match for you and master your next big installation. For full feature comparison make sure to view our handy chart below.

Air-filled Décor and Deco-Twisting:

With helium supplies sometimes unpredictable, it’s important to be ready with exciting air-filled solutions for your customers. Deco-twisting has grown in popularity over the years as over-the-top balloon décor has invaded social media. Party planners are constantly requesting the latest and greatest and you need to be ready to deliver. Be sure to bring the right equipment and check out burton + BURTON’s growing library of air-filled designs and recipes here.

Premium Twin Air Sizer® II

The Twin Air Sizer® II by Premium is the ultimate workhorse machine ready to help you create whatever balloon décor you can dream up. With all the bells and whistles offered on the market at this time, this machine is 25% faster, 30% quieter, and 10% lighter than their previous model, making it ideal for on-location installs. It also can run nearly 300 hours continuously without overheating.


Conwin Precision Air V6

The Precision Air V6 by Conwin is a great solution for classic air-filled décor and more. This machine sizes two latex balloons simultaneously to the same size or different sizes. It also inflates double-stuffed latex 5² balloons 260 entertainers.


Conwin Air Force 4

The Air Force 4 by Conwin is the perfect choice for deco-twisting and organic installations. Inflating both round and non-round balloons and featuring four friction filling outlets and the option for continuous inflation, this inflator is great for an installation team of two looking to maximize inflation time.

Premium Cool Aire® 4

The Cool Aire® 4 by Premium is a great option for balloon drops and arches. With multiple nozzles, four balloons can be inflated simultaneously, making it a great inflator for install teams of two looking to maximize inflator operation. The Cool Aire® 4 also features two foot pedals and a booster switch.


Premium MicroAir®

The MicroAir® by Premium provides great value in a compact package. Weighing only three pounds, this air inflator can inflate latex balloons 7² and up and also includes an option for continuous inflation.

Premium Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™

The Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ by Premium is a lightweight, portable, and versatile piece of equipment, inflating both latex and foil balloons. It features two speeds, high pressure and low pressure, so self-sealing valves on foil balloons are not damaged. Included are a few upgraded features, including multiple adaptors and an option for continuous inflation.


Premium FoilPro®

The FoilPro® by Premium includes all of the features of the Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ plus a handy flexible extension hose perfect for inflating multi compartment foils like AirWalkers®. When helium resources aren’t reliable, air-filled foil designs can create a great wow factor. Ask your burton + BURTON sales representative for a list of AirWalkers® that can be inflated with 100% air.


Zephyr foil-flator

The Zephyr foil-flator is a great compact machine for inflation of foil balloons only. Specially calibrated to not overfill balloons with a self-sealing valve, this piece of equipment is a good option for air-filled designs.


Bouquets and Deliveries:

Everyday celebration balloon bouquets are the bread and butter of many balloon artists’ businesses. With birthdays, graduations, and many more reasons to celebrate every day; there are endless opportunities to create colorful and exciting deliveries.

Premium Twin-Gas Sizer®

The Premium Twin-Gas Sizer® is the perfect companion when you work a steady balloon bouquet business. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked! It features electronically dual-sized inflation of compressed gases like helium and nitrogen. That means each gas-filled bouquet will be uniformly sized upon inflation, minimizing gas waste. Each inflator features a digital control to switch seamlessly from helium to nitrogen, and it works well with both latex and foil balloons. Did we mention it also inflates both round and non-round balloons? This inflator is a must-have for the balloon professional.



Speed and precision are key in the balloon twisting world, especially if you are an entertainer with a long line of patrons anxiously awaiting your creations.

Z60 Inflator

The Z60 is the perfect portable inflator and can be easily carried over the shoulder with its removable strap. Inflating 160, 260, and 360 entertainer latex balloons, this inflator will run for four hours with a fully charged battery.


If you are still debating which model is the best fit for you, view the handy inflator comparison chart below to learn the ins and outs of each model, or reach out to your favorite burton + BURTON sales representative.