Stuffed Animals | Plush Toys

Hug something warm and fuzzy. It doesn't take long to realize that life is just better with cuddly friends by your side. Since 1982, burton + Burton has provided quality customer service and affordable prices.

If you are a retailer who needs wholesale stuffed animals, we have the perfect selection for you. We stock everything from adorable bulk plush kittens to wholesale dolls. Delight your shoppers with our assortments of stuffed animals. Buy plush animals to merchandise around your retail store to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees them.

 By having an adequate selection of plush toys, your store will be the go-to source for all gift needs. As a retailer, you should stock the latest wholesale stuffed animals for your customers' gift giving needs.

For example, look at our beige plush bear. It is always a hit on Valentine’s Day with its vibrant red ribbon and rose-colored nose. We offer plush animals for gift baskets and stuffed toys for floral arrangements. Our collection of plush animals in perfect for any gift shop.

From baby-soft to fuzzy fun, b+B has an outstanding collection of all things plush.

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