Wholesale Silk Flowers from burton + BURTON

wholesale silk flowers from burton + BURTON

Wholesale silk flowers from burton + BURTON are a beautiful way to make any arrangement look professional.

Wholesale silk flowers need little attention (compared to the real thing!) and they look fantastic day after day. Whether you're decorating for a wedding or putting together a set of floral arrangements we have a wide selection at b+B.

Select from our affordable wholesale flowers and make your own beautiful bouquets in your store. Consider pairing them with adorable plush toys for a stunning merchandising arrangement too!

Wholesale silk flowers can make up beautiful arrangements that can be used in many different areas. These floral arrangements are suitable for a variety of special and everyday occasions. In addition to our flowers, we offer all the extras that you need to make your silk flower arrangement special. We offer silk leaves, floral arrangement enclosure cards, flower picks, ribbons, balloons, and more! We are proud to have serviced the wholesale silk flowers industry for years. We make every effort possible to ensure that once you have shopped on our site, you will be a customer for years to come.

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