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Product #: 08610
UPC: 046501064042
$68.49 MSRP
(PACK OF 24)

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Turquoise Water Beads. 24 packs of clear dehydrated water beads. Each package has a net weight of 14 grams. When water is added, they will hold over 100 times their weight in water. Each package makes over 1.5 Quarts of 1/2" decorative beads. Non-toxic.
How They Work:
1. Add one packet of dehydrated water beads in 1 1/2-2 Quarts of water. Use distilled water for larger beads.
2. Allow 4-6 hours to expand. For larger beads, wait to a minimum of 6 hours.
3. Drain excess water with a strainer or colander.
4. Pour finished beads in vase.
For Fresh Cut Flowers:
After draining the excess moisture, pour only 3-4" of finished beads in the vase. Add water to the vase until there is approximately 1" of water on the bottom. Fill the vase with finished beads. Diagonally cut at least 1/2" off flower stems and place stems to the bottom of the vase in water.

Pack of 24.


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