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Flower Vases & Floral Supplies

Wholesale Ceramic & Glass Gift Vases

At burton+BURTON, not only are we known worldwide for our vibrant selection of balloons but we also have an extensive selection of decorative and/or plastic vases. We provide vases at wholesale prices so whether you’re being vases in bulk or just one, you’ll save money.

Clear Glass Vases by Season

It seems that no matter what season of the year it is, there is always some type of plant involved. For those seasonal plants, you need a colored glass vase, planter, or container to put them in. Look no further than burton+BURTON for your seasonal vases. If you look through our selection you will find we have every season of the year covered. Pick yours out today. 

Types of Wholesale Glass Vases

Besides cylinder glass vases we do have planters made of other materials if that's what you're looking for. burton+BURTON understands that not everyone wants a planter made of the same material. For that reason, we took the liberty of organizing our wholesale vases into these convenient material categories. We want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible. 

Vase Gift Occasions

A flower vase makes a great compliment to any flower-giving occasion. Basically any time you would buy someone flowers or visit the florist, you can be sure that a decorative gift vase pairs perfectly with the occasion. We carry a range of event themed vases including:

Retail & Wholesale Vases

The Florentine vase is a great example of a beautiful floral vase. This lovely raised ceramic vase is hand-painted and sparkles in any setting. If you are looking for a vase with a sense of peace and eloquence, then may we suggest the Delicate Grace vase? This beautiful vase fits well in any garden or home setting. The vase casts an element of tranquility to any room and complements any floral arrangement.

Looking for something with a sense of humor? We have novelty items that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Take, for example, our “bathing suit vase.” Shaped like a man in a bathing suit, it is ideal for any floral arrangement. At burton+BURTON, we love offering you a wide range of retail, gift, and wholesale floral vases. Flowers need a home, and we have a multitude of vases that are perfect for any setting.

Over the years we have become synonymous with quality and customer service. Explore our collections of balloons, gift baskets, and much more!

Ceramic vs. Glass Vase vs. Plastic Vase

There is no "perfect" or "one-size-fits-all vase material. Rather, you should choose a material that will match the vase's use. For example, for a centerpiece vase, you may want to go with a glass vase. But, if you are going to showcase the vase somewhere else in the home such as a shelf, going with a metal vase might be better in terms of durability and style instead of glassware. 

Our Vases & Planters

Choose from a range of vase materials including: