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Foil Nutcracker Balloon Cluster
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Foil Nutcracker Balloon Cluster


Air-fill two gold Qualatex® balloons to 10". Tie together to form a duplet. Inflate another duplet and twist together at the knots to form a four-balloon cluster. Air-fill all the red Qualatex® balloons to 4" and make three four-balloon clusters

Helium-inflate two nutcracker foil balloons using the foil tip on your regulator. Tie the stems with an uninflated 260 balloon. Attach two hang tabs facing each other to the center of each nutcrackers’ hat. Set aside

ULTRA HI-FLOAT® four gold 11" Qualatex® balloons using the correct restriction clip. Helium-inflate to 10" and make a four-balloon cluster.

To assemble, stack one red cluster on top of the air-filled gold cluster. With the 260 balloon, wrap one of the nutcracker balloons around the cluster to secure. Tie in the Heavy Weight™ balloon weight. Wrap another red cluster to the stem of the remaining nutcracker balloon with the uninflated 260 balloon. Tie directly to the tab on the nutcracker’s hat. Trim any excess 260. Tie another uninflated 260 balloon to the hang tab of the other nutcracker balloon. Secure the last red cluster with the uninflated 260 balloon, followed by the helium-filled gold cluster.


12-ea  Q0523
8-ea  Q1148S
1-ea  HF118
4-ea  94291
1-ea  W21
3-ea  Q26023


1-ea  83501
1-ea  BR74HG

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