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North Pole Display


Air-fill two 5" black Qualatex® balloons to 4" and tie together to form a duplet. With the Zoom! dual inflator you can fill two balloons at the same time. Air-fill another identical duplet and twist the two sets together to form a four-balloon cluster. Repeat these steps for a total of six balloon clusters. Tie an uninflated black 260 balloon to a Heavy Weights™ balloon weight. Lay one balloon cluster flat on top of the balloon weight and wrap the 260 balloon through the middle and around the cluster to secure. Lay a second balloon cluster on top and wrap the 260 balloon around to secure. Repeat these steps to secure all of the balloon clusters in your column.

Helium inflate the 44" North Pole foil balloon. Tie an uninflated black 260 Qualatex® balloon to the balloon stem. Thread the 260 balloon through the center of the balloon cluster column and tie directly to the balloon weight to secure.

Helium-fill the Santa AirWalkers® foil balloon and follow the packaged directions to add weight to the balloon. Helium-fill the My Own Pets™ Reindeer balloon. Use the pre-attach ribbon to tie the Reindeer to the Santa or air inflate a red 260 Qualatex® balloon and attach to the Santa balloon with a pinch twist. Use double-stick tape to secure the 260 balloon.



24-ea  Q0541
1-ea  9910136
1-ea  460826
1-ea  Q26023
2-ea  Q26041
1-ea  W28


1-ea  8300Z
1-ea  BR74HG
1-ea  HI721

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