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Hang In There Balloon Cluster
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Hang In There Balloon Cluster


Using the Twist-N-Flate™ Inflator, air-fill two–260 entertainer balloons to 10." Tie the balloons together with a secure knot. Repeat this step three more times to make a total of four duplets. Tie another knot at the end of each balloon and snip off the excess. Twist the duplets together to make an eight balloon bunch. Set aside.

Using the Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ Inflator, air-fill two–5" yellow balloons to 4". Tie the necks together to form a duplet. Air-fill another duplet and twist the sets together to form a four balloon cluster. Set aside.

Helium inflate the 18" foil balloon and tie with a scrap of the entertainer balloon. Tie the balloon directly to the plush monkey’s arm. At the top of the 18" balloon, attach a grip strip on both sides of the balloon so the holes in the strip are aligned. Helium inflate the foil shaped balloon until full. Tie with a 260 scrap. Tie the balloon into the holes of the grip strip located on top of the 18" balloon.

To cover all the attachment points, wrap the 4" yellow balloon cluster around the adhesive strips between the foil shaped balloon and the 18" balloon. Attach the 260 balloon cluster to the monkey. Wrap the monkey’s arms around the balloons to make it appear as though he is holding the balloon arrangement.



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