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Daisy Love Balloon Cluster
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Daisy Love Balloon Cluster


Air-fill the 18" foil balloon using the Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ inflator on the low-pressure setting. It is very important to use the low-pressure setting so as not to damage the self-sealing valve. Insert the balloon stem into the large hole of the MaxiCup II™. Wrap the stem clockwise and slip the stem into the hook on the cup. (Please note: there are two hooks on the cup. If the stem is long, use the second hook and bypass the first. If you have a short stem balloon, use the first hook.) Insert the remaining stem of the balloon into the vertical slits for a clean, finished look. If your balloon is not secure, twist the entire cup clockwise one-half turn so the balloon sits firmly on the cup.

Air-fill two 5" wild berry latex balloons to 4". Use the Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ inflator on high speed. Use the small tip. Tie the two balloons together to form a duplet. Air-fill an identical duplet. Insert the duplet into the cup’s slits. Repeat this step to form a secure four balloon cluster.

Make a three-loop bow using the sheer red ribbon. Add a few ribbon tails using both the sheer red ribbon and the red curling ribbon. Tie the bow with the curling ribbon. Wrap the tails of the curling ribbon around the 5" latex balloons to secure the bow. Insert the clear stick into the cup of the balloon. For added security, place a small amount of glue on the stick before inserting into the cup.

Peel off the backing of a piece of Stik-Ems™ adhesive tape and fold in half. Stick directly to the balloon weight. Press the Candy Connector® directly onto the piece of Stik-Ems™ tape. Line the balloon weight under the bear and secure with another piece of Stik-Ems™ tape. To secure the balloon stick, slip the stick into the bear’s arms and into the Candy Connector®.



1-ea  9715898
1-ea  33007
4-ea  Q05100
1-ea  972103
1-ea  D31613
1-ea  W27
1-ea  CC107
1-ea  HPS20C
1-ea  00100
1-ea  82735


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