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Colossal Balloon Arch
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Colossal Balloon Arch


Step 1
Assemble the base plates and poles in desired location. Insert the bendable wire into the tops of both poles to create the arch frame. Secure the wire in place with duct tape.

Step 2
Air-fill two 16" balloons to 15" and tie the necks together to form a duplet. Air fill a second duplet and wrap the necks of the duplets together to form a cluster. Place the cluster on one of the base plates and wrap one balloon over another in a twisting motion so it grips the pole. Repeat this process and place the identical cluster onto
the second base plate and pole.

Step 3
Make two more clusters using the 16" balloons sized to 12" and place each on the top of the first clusters on each side of the pole. Remember to wrap one balloon over another to “lock the balloons in place.” Follow the same technique described to assemble the lime green balloons in the following descending sizes to both sides of the pole. Your arch will become smaller as you reach the top. 

Third row use 16" balloons and size to 11" 

Fourth row use 11" balloons and size to 10" 

Fifth row use 11" balloons and size to 9" 

Sixth row use 11" balloons and size to 8"

Seventh through fourteenth row use 11" balloons sized to 7"

Step 4
Air-fill 13 LINK-O-LOON® clusters sized to 7". Tie the necks of the LINK-O-LOON® together so the tips, or “stingers” are pointing outward.

Step 5
Air-fill 52–5" lime balloons to attach to all the points of the LINK-O-LOON® balloons. Air fill the 5" balloons to 3". Squeeze the air into the bulb of the balloon to ensure a shiny surface, twist, and then tie a knot to make sure it won’t leak air. Tie each of these balloons onto the tips of each LINK-O-LOON®. Be sure to trim the excess neck from the small balloon for a professional look.

Design tips:
This design is long lasting since it is built on a frame and is completely air-filled. It is important to keep sizing as consistent as possible. Incorporating latex prints and changing the color scheme can create a wide range of options for any holiday. A Holey Box Sizer (product #HB14 or #HB19) can help ensure consistent sizing.



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