Frequently Asked Questions : Balloons

Frequently Asked Questions : Balloons

Peggy Williams

Peggy Williams, education coordinator at burton + BURTON®, teaches fun, exciting classes with a focus on building your balloon design skills and increasing your store's profits.

Peggy has worked in the balloon industry for over three decades. Starting her company, Balloon Specialist, in the early 1980s, she quickly realized the need for professional education in the industry.
She began sharing her knowledge with others and soon became a highly sought after instructor.

Ask Peggy
Her vast experience with a retail balloon shop, wholesale balloon businesses, and the mass market enables her to offer a range of knowledge that is sure to enhance any business. Those who have attended burton + BURTON® Ballooniversity® in recent years will recognize Peggy as part of the staff of instructors. Approaching life with enthusiasm, Peggy will make certain you leave her class with a smile on your face, ideas in your notebook, and increased revenues for your store.

Q: How closely do balloon trends follow other trends in society (fashion, interior design, etc)?
A: Very closely! Color trends in society have an effect on color palettes for balloon decorators. Balloon manufacturers are very involved with keeping up with color trends to ensure they continue to develop color options that are appealing and relevant to today's designers and consumers. Trends in television, movies, and other media continue to be vitally influential in licensed balloons. The launch of a blockbuster movie in theaters can certainly drive demand for a themed balloon.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration as a designer?

A: Industry magazines help me keep up with what's going on, and help me recognize trends. These industry publications aren't necessarily balloon specific. I also read publications from the related industries like floral and gift magazines to help create a broad picture of what's going on. Additionally, I just "open my eyes" to the world around me. I go shopping. I read consumer publications. I surf the Internet. All of these things combined give me a visual idea of what trends are developing.

Q: What do you think will be the "next big thing" in the balloon industry?
A: I've been in this industry a long time, and continue to be amazed at the innovation that comes from the balloon manufacturers. Just when I think everything has been done, someone surprises me with an idea that makes me say, "Wow! How have I lived this long without this product?!" A couple of really neat developments I've seen recently are the Bubble Balloons from Qualatex and the Fast Float Balloons from Betallic. Both of these are ideas that meet a need in the balloon industry. As for what is the next big thing? I wish I knew, so I could create it!

Q: What balloons do you recommend to use with helium outside?
I would suggest the brand new Bubble Balloons. They come in a wide variety of colors and stand up to the elements very well. If you choose to use a latex balloon, I suggest using a 16" or 24". Underinflate them and they will withstand the outside conditions much better.

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