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Air Filled Foil Balloons

Preinflated Assortment Foil balloons are also available in 2", 4" & 9" round shapes and 5", & 9"-14" shapes. These mini foil balloons are designed to be filled with air, heat sealed with a heat sealer, and attached to a plastic cup and stick.

They may be purchased preinflated (air-filled) which means that they have already been filled with air, sealed, and include a cup and stick. Assortments are available with or without displays or certain styles can be purchased by individual stock numbers.

When mini foil balloons are purchased flat, an electric air inflator is required for inflation. Please note that foil balloons smaller than 18" should only be inflated with air since smaller sizes will not float with helium.

Electric Air Inflator

We recommend an electric air inflator such as the Cool Aire® Inflator 828. This inflator has several nozzles to use depending on the size of the balloons, and comes with a heavy-duty handle for easy carrying. It also will run continuously without over heating.

An electric heat sealer is needed, since the balloons do not have self-sealing valves. HS870 is 12" a model which allows more room to seal and can also be used to seal plastic bags. Curling irons, clothing irons, and other household appliances are not recommended for use in sealing balloons. Such appliances do not seal properly and can burn through the balloon stem or possibly cause serious burns.

Heat Sealer

How to Use a Heat Sealer

  1. After inflating the foil balloon, firmly hold the stem in one hand so the air cannot escape. Use your other hand to flatten the balloon stem. The stem should be free of wrinkles and creases. The heat sealer control should be set at position 2.5. If this seems too hot, set it lower.
  2. Position the flattened stem under the upper bar of the heat sealer so that the seal will be made just above the opening in the stem. Press the bar down and hold for 4-5 seconds after the red light has gone out to ensure proper sealing, then release the upper bar.
  3. A second seal below the first seal is best since any wrinkles or creases in the first seal will allow the air to leak out.

The pad protecting the element will wear thin after much use. When replacing with a new pad, also replace the element. Unplug the heat sealer before replacing pad and element.

After inflating and sealing mini foil balloons, they can then be attached to a cup and stick, which are purchased separately. The type of cup and stick to use will depend on the size of the balloon and its end use.

Below are some of the cups available to use for mounting mini foil balloons. The instructions for all cups are very similar in that they all involve twisting the stem of the balloon and then pulling it through an opening while weaving over and under and tucking the end of the stem under a clip or under the balloon.

Cello Cup

Cello Cups CC101
Use with 4"-14" balloons. Connect to wooden dowel sticks or hollow plastic sticks of desired length. Fits wooden dowel stick WDS16 and WDS18.

  1. After sealing the mini foil, tightly twist the stem about ten times. With the Cello Cup™ upside down, hold the mini foil balloon upside down and pull the stem up through the first slot marked by an arrow. It helps to place your finger over this first slot to prevent the balloon stem from slipping as you proceed.
  2. Wrap the exposed neck across the next slot in the direction of the arrow, then pull the stem down through that slot.
  3. Pull the stem across the underside of the cup to the next slot, then pull the stem up through that slot resembling a "weaving" action.
  4. Pull the stem across the top of the cup to the first slot and pull the stem down through it. This results in an over-under weaving action. Be sure to pull the stem tight at the beginning so that the balloon will sit securely in the cup. Pull the stem tight at the remaining stem and continue the over-under weaving action until the stem is hidden. The cup can then be attached to a stick.

With slight variations, these directions can also be applied to the cups listed next.

Mini Micro II Cups

Mini Micro™ II Cups CC104
Use with 9" mini foil balloons. Connect to hollow plastic sticks of desired length*

Foil Cups MCWB

Foil Cups MCWB
Use with 9" mini foil balloons. Connect to hollow plastic sticks of desired length*

*Use with white 24" PS24W, 16" PS16W, and 12" PS12W

Maxi Foil Cups

Maxi Foil Cups CC103
Use with 18" air-filled foil balloons. Connect to hollow heavy plastic sticks of desired length. Use with 2" HPS24 white heavy plastic maxi sticks.

Foil Cups & Sticks Foil Cups & Sticks

Foil Cups & Sticks 16
This case comes complete with 1000 cups and 1000 12.5" sticks. Use with 9" mini foil balloons.


Cup-N-Sticks® CS10W
This one-piece design is available in white and is used with 2" & 4" mini foil balloons.