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Foil Balloons

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Foil Balloons

Foil balloons have become more and more popular over time. We know what it takes to get a good mood off the ground. Our foil balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have everything from jumbo balloons and number balloons to specialty-themed balloons for any celebration.

Our foil balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our diverse variety includes self-sealing balloons, air-filled, oversized, number balloons, letter balloons, and unpackaged balloons. We have some of the best foil and latex balloons for all occasions and celebrations. At burton+BURTON, we have been dedicated to serving our customers since 1982. Shop our extensive collection of party balloons from birthday balloons, Mother’s day balloons, Valentine’s Day balloons, and much more.

Our party supplies don't stop there. We dare you not to smile as you browse our unbeatable selection.

Foil Balloons by Season

If you take a look at our selection of foil balloons by season, you will see for yourself that we have you covered for any season that can come your way. Think you might have a Christmas party this winter? Then you won't want to miss out on our Christmas-themed foil balloons. Are you going to be feeling Patriotic this year for the 4th of July? We have your patriotic inflatables here. Do you want to show a little extra seasonal spirit this year at Thanksgiving? Then look no further than burton+BURTON's wide selection of Thanksgiving foil balloons. No matter the time of year, burton+BURTON has you covered!

Foil Balloons with a Message/Theme

If burton+BURTON knows one thing, it's that balloons are a great way to send a message. With burton+BURTON's wide array of message and theme foil balloons, there's no limit to what kind of message you can send. Are you and your partner coming up on a big anniversary? Let burton+BURTON help you commemorate that occasion with their anniversary-themed party balloons. Maybe you've been thinking of someone who has had a rough go for the last little while. Show that person how much they mean to you with our get well soon collection. Maybe you're trying to get the kids pumped to go back to school with one more summer blowout. Decorate the party with our school-themed balloons. The burton+BURTON list of messages and themes goes on and on, you're sure to find one that fits your ideas.

Foil Party Balloons by Character

Maybe you already have a party theme in mind but you can't find the right balloons to go with it. burton+BURTON has the widest selection of character foil balloons to go with any party idea that you can come up with. While our full list of character balloons is too big to fit right here, we want you to know that we have plenty of character balloons for you to choose from for boys and girls! For girls, we have Barbie, DC Super Hero Girls, Disney Princess, and the list doesn't stop there! For boys, we have Batman, Jurassic World, MLB and so many more! Go check out all of our characters for yourself today!

FAQs Regarding Foil Inflatable Balloons

Can foil balloons be deflated?

Of course, if you don't want to reuse your foil party decorations you can always just pop them. But there are many out there who would like to deflate their foil balloon decorations to use them again. First, you will need to insert a straw through the seal. You should gently push the straw in through the valve, then tilt the straw towards the balloon where there should be more space. From here you will keep pushing the straw in until the air is released. Then, gently put pressure on the balloon to help the air come out faster. When all of the air is out, if the valve inside the balloon is crumbled up it can still be reused. Finally, you will need to pinch the end while pulling the straw out because the valve should be kept inside the balloon.

How are foil balloons inflated?

If you prefer to use a pump, make sure you choose one with a narrow tip. Next, insert the pump between the plastic seal. You can then start pumping air into the balloon, but make sure you're holding the plastic seal tightly. Use your best judgment, but you want the foil balloon to be filled about 95% full. Do not inflate it too much or it will blow. Foil air-filled balloons are self-sealing, so air should not come out after the pump is removed.

You can also do it the old fashion way by sliding a straw inside the valve and blowing it up with your own hot air. Once you have filled the balloon up to about 95% capacity, remove the straw quickly and press the valve flat to seal it.

How do foil balloons seal?

The good news is foil balloon decorations are self-sealing, so all you have to do is remove the nozzle or the straw that you used to blow it up. Then, press the valve flat to seal it.

How long do foil balloons last?

If all of the conditions are right, foil balloons will remain full and taut for 3 to 5 days. However, they may continue to float for another 2 weeks, or longer. Cool air may cause your foil party decorations to shrivel but they will return to a normal state when they're exposed to warmer air.

Where to buy foil balloons?

Foil balloons, latex balloons, and specialty balloons have been a staple of burton+BURTON since the beginning. We take pride in the quality of our foil balloons, and the wide selection that we have to offer our valued customers. We promise that you will find foil balloons in our inventory to help you celebrate any and all occasions.