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Emoji Balloons

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Emoji Balloons: Smiley Faces Coming Full Circle

Emojis are a digital language upon themselves. Created to help people quickly and more efficiently express real-life concepts – like emotions, hobbies, foods, weather – in their digital conversations (text messages, chatroom conversations, emails, etc), they've rapidly been absorbed into the mainstream culture.

Today, the concept has come around full circle. Emojis have jumped off the screen and into the real world. From t-shirts and hats to coffee cups and books (what?!), emojis are now bona fide, real-life accessories. An emoji was even named as the 2015 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.

Where else do emojis belong in the real world? On balloons, of course. And at burton+BURTON, we're more than :-) to help you stock up on emoji balloons for all of your party planning needs. Shop our extensive collection of emoji party balloons.

Party Hardy with Smiley Face Balloons 

It's easy to create a fun, easy-going mood for any party with latex smiley face balloons. Arriving party guests will delight in a greeting from a roaming happy face. Or, you can make sure the guests get a smiling reception with an emoji balloon arch set up at the entrance to the party space.

Choose from a variety of emoji balloons for the party room – from the winky face and LOL (laugh-crying) face to heart eyes face, nerdy face, kissy face, and more. Get creative by assembling a few different emoji balloons together for smiling balloon bouquets.

And, let's not forget one of the most popular emoji characters of all time... the poo emoji. We're not sure why, but the swirlie-shaped emoticon has soared to true star status within popular culture. If you need a dash of juvenile humor in your party, burton+BURTON has a number of poo emoji balloons to choose from – including rainbow poo emoji balloons.

Emoji Birthday Balloons 

Emojis are young, hip and absolutely representative of the millennial spirit. That's why emoji birthday balloons are a natural decoration choice if you're planning a birthday party for anyone in the younger generations.

Embrace the hashtag culture with a sprinkle of "#hbd2U" emoji balloons. Or, let the acronyms fly with balloons tagged with an "OMG! it's your birthday!" message.

Remember those singing birthday cards? You're bound to get an epic eye roll from any recipient who's under 30. But, you can bet they'll love a singing emoji birthday balloon. Why? Because millennials love sarcasm, especially applied to concepts they might find outdated. 

Let's not kids ourselves, though. It's not just the millennials who enjoy emojis. Emoji birthday balloons are fun for all ages. For your next birthday party, shop burton+BURTON's terrific selection of emoji birthday balloons.

Emoji Party Supplies by Season

No matter the time of year, emoji party balloons are never out of style! That's why b+B has the best selection for every season, year-round! We've even sorted them into these helpful, seasonal categories to make shopping for your emoji party supplies even easier.

Smiley Face Balloons with a Message or Theme

The color and design of your emoji party decorations aren't the only things that matter. The message that your balloons send should be considered just as much! Let us help you commemorate that special occasion with some emoji balloons that say everything simple words can't. We have emoji party balloons for every theme party!

Smiley Face Balloons by Type

We have so many different types of smile face balloons that we get lost ourselves. We want to make sure that doesn't happen to you during your shopping experience so we organized our inventory into these design types. Every emoji party is different, therefore we should have the selection to accommodate. We even have emoticon balloons that will sing to you. But don't take our word for it, look around for yourself and figure out which type of smiley face balloons fit your occasion the best. 

Emoji Balloons at Wholesale Prices 

Find yourself in need of lots and lots of balloons? If you're ordering balloons by the truckload, burton+BURTON can help you save. Our retail partner program lets you in on great wholesale prices for emoji balloons and everything else in our online inventory. Learn more and apply to join today.